Inspired by unique and historical patterns that date back to the Le and Nguyen Dynasties when Vietnamese traditional art and royal culture reached their zenith, Mondelez Kinh Do introduces the “Tuyet tac My – Vi – Tinh” (The Master in the Art of Mooncake Making) concept covering all of its mooncake offerings for this Mid-Autumn Festival.

From the traditional baked and snow-skin mooncakes to the premium Trang Vang (Gold Moon) line, everything boasts perfection in terms of packaging, flavour and the passion and craftsmanship that ensure each stunning mooncake satisfies the three critical factors: crafting, recipe, love.

Pre-eminent is the “Trang Vang Kim Cuong” (Gold Moon Diamond) mooncakes in elaborate lacquer boxes that highlight the Le Dynastys gorgeous dragon and cloud patterns.

Since the dragon is the symbol of the yang element and power, Trang Vang Kim Cuong is a perfect present when offering wishes for perfection, longevity, vigour, and health to valued partners.

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